We’re thrilled to announce that the Call for Papers (CFP) for the AI & Smart TECH Conference 2023 is now open! This is an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to one of the most influential dialogues in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technologies.

The AI & Smart TECH Conference serves as a global nexus, attracting a diverse blend of thinkers and pioneers – from software developers and IT experts to professionals across industries who are incorporating AI into their fields. These include but are not limited to medical doctors, lawyers, journalists, and creatives.

While AI & Smart TECH was initially established as a platform delving into the intricacies of AI software development, the focus of the current conference extends far beyond this domain. We passionately invite proposals that highlight the multifaceted applications of AI across a broad range of sectors, not limited to software development.

This conference is your stage to showcase innovative perspectives, pioneering strategies, and the fluid opportunities and challenges that characterize this dynamic field.

Taking place from June 27 to June 29 at the stunning Albena Resort, the AI & Smart TECH Conference 2023 aims to cover a wide range of topics. From AI in Healthcare to Quantum Computing, Autonomous Transportation, AI in Education, AI in Entertainment and Gaming, Smart Cities and IoT, to Conversational AI and the Future of Work — we welcome submissions that bring a fresh perspective to these areas.

This is your chance to share your unique insights, breakthrough ideas, and pioneering research with an international audience. For submission guidelines and other details, please visit our website.

We eagerly await your submissions and look forward to seeing you at the AI & Smart TECH Conference 2023.

Let’s code and shape the future of technology together!